Archaeology 360: Temple of Deen Court Tomb, Co Donegal

Court tombs are typically composed of a stone-built burial chamber, paired with an open courtyard (hence the name). Built during the 4th millennium BC, around 390 examples survive in Ireland [Wiki]. The example at Larahirrel, outside the village of Bocan, is pretty well preserved with an identifiable court and chamber stones surviving in situ, even if most of the cairn material is long gone. The surviving upright stones are spectacular and the windswept hilltop it sits on gives impressive views across the countryside in all directions.

I didn’t visit during the nicest weather, but you can still get a sense of the great views across the landscape as well as the beauty of the site itself.

I’ve compiled the tour into a consecutive YouTube playlist [here], or you can access each video clip individually here:

Part I: Outside, to the SW [1:16]

Part II: Outside, to the NW, by the court [1:23]

Part III: Inside the court [1:23]

Part IV: Outside, to the N [1:03]

Part V: Inside the burial chamber [1:23]


You can view this 360-degree video on an ordinary browser or on the dedicated YouTube app for your smartphone. However, for best results we recommend the more immersive experience that comes with an Oculus/Google Cardboard headset. Please feel free to Like and Share the video and Subscribe to the Archaeology 360 channel. If you’re feeling peculiarly generous and wish to help purchase snacks to sustain the Chapples Minor in the field, please drop something in the Tip Jar on the top right of this page.


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