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Three Sides Live | Professor Etienne Rynne Lectures | October 1994 | Part II

[** If you like this post, please make a donation to the IR&DD project using the secure button at the right. If you think it is interesting or useful, please re-share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. To help keep the site in operation, please use the amazon search portal at the right - each purchase earns a small amount of advertising revenue **] < Part I | Part III >   Prof. Etienne Rynne speaking at the memorial to the Annaghdown ( Anach Cuan ) boat disaster of 1828 [also: here ], in 1996 (© Chapple Collection) This second lecture given by Prof. Etienne Rynne in 1994 to his class of Diploma students covered illuminated manuscripts. As before, I’ve included an approximate timeline through the lecture with notes on some of the major topics mentioned and his various anecdotes and interactions with the audience. 0:12 ‘I’m going to talk now about the illuminated manuscripts’ 0:25 ‘I haven’t time to talk about Ogham ’ 0:30 ‘Ogham is an impossible scri

Two roads diverged near a crannog | Excuses and half-truths and the Department for Regional Development

Edit: since the original publication, DRD/2013-0038 now resides here . Some time ago (December 2014) I was casually surfing the internet when it suddenly occurred to me to Google the name of my favourite Fermanagh crannog. I will admit to a certain degree of trepidation in finding that one page bore the distinctly suspect title of ‘Recent Releases - February 2013’, but was reassured to discover that it emanated from the Department of Regional Development and not something more affiliated with an Onanistic teen. The document is full of fascinating questions and their official replies. For example, someone requested a copy of the DRD alternative route analysis/strategy associated with the Belfast on the Move initiative (DRD/2013-0052). Someone else was looking for details of the numbers of collisions at a junction in Lurgan over the previous six years (DRD/2013-0048). Someone even wanted details of DRD staff in legally recognised relationships (marriage or in civil partnerships)

Mud, lies and hazard tape: Reviewing The Report on the Drumclay Crannog

I’ve written before about how a simple, unattributed blog post … just 178 words long … kicked off an advocacy campaign to ensure the correct management and archaeological excavation of a crannog at Drumclay, Co. Fermanagh. I’d had reports from trusted, experienced colleagues that the site was poorly run and equipped. Worse than that, the excavation appeared to be in imminent danger of hitting its arbitrarily allotted time limit, declared ‘complete’, and whatever else remained allowed to be destroyed … all so the road could continue. Well, we weren’t going to stand for that and, a large number of archaeologists and concerned members of the public banded together to cause a fuss. We were joined by a significant number of professional organisations, including the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists , the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland , and the BAJR Federation . We set up a Facebook page , we ended up on radio and television talking about it, we eventually presented a paper