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Monitoring Archaeological Sites & Monuments in a War Zone

Sergey Telizhenko A project to monitor the condition of archaeological Sites & Monuments in the war zone of the Luhansk region (Eastern Ukraine) was organized by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) and the International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR). Our team was composed of myself,  Sergey Telizhenko (Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine), Olexii Bida ( UHHRU ), Dmytro Koval (Odessa National Academy of Law), and Natalia Kaplun (Luhansk regional museum). The team was augmented by two members of the IPHR group. Together, we worked to gather evidence of artillery shelling of Ukrainian cultural assets and catalogue other damage such as the digging of military trenches, and assess from which group of combatants (Russian or Ukrainian) were responsible for particular damage. For our mission, we chose three districts of the Luhansk region – Stanichno Luhanskii, Novoaidarskii, and Popasnianskii. Also we visited the city of Lisichansk where a large barrow

Ian Riddler: Teasing apart the bone and antler objects | Drumclay Conference 2014 | Review

[If you like what I write, please consider throwing something in the  Tip Jar  on the right of the page. Alternatively, using  The Reading Room  portal (top of page) for shopping with Amazon brings in some advertising revenue and costs you nothing] < Back to the contents page In the final session of the day the chair, Dr. Nóra Bermingham, introduced the first speaker, Ian Riddler. His recent work has included a re-examination of Early Medieval combs from Ireland. He began by noting that the act of combing of hair would have been a very private and intimate act and would have been undertaken outdoors, away from other people. However, the finished product – the hairstyle – would have been a very public result. Even if the hair is covered, the act of covering is itself a very public statement. In this way, he argues, combs fit somewhere between this private act and the public appearance. In this way they can give information about attitudes towards grooming, hygiene, and

UK Festival of Archaeology 2016

As part of the UK Festival of Archaeology, Dr Greer Ramsey, Curator of Archaeology, will give two illustrated talks highlighting a number of key objects from the collections. Dressed to Impress: Bronze Age Gold Jewellery Ulster Museum, Belfast Saturday 23 July 2016 12noon – 1.00pm This illustrated talk explores several stunning items of Bronze Age gold jewellery on display in the Ulster Museum. Collection highlights: Archaeological Treasures from the Ulster Museum Tuesday 9 August 2016 2.00pm – 3.00pm This illustrated talk highlights some of the most significant objects on display in the Ulster Museum. Admission is free but advance booking is advised For further information please contact 028 9044 0000 (10.00am-5.00pm Tuesday–Sunday). email: To book tickets please go to