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Demolition of 13th/14th century Castle | Coolbanagher, Co. Laois

Coolbanagher Castle  was a Hall House on the outskirts of Portlaoise. It was originally built in the 13th or early 14th Century as part of the Anglo-Norman line of defence which extended into Co. Laois. The Tower may have been part of an outer defence line of the stronghold of Dunamase . It was built of locally-sourced limestone and extended to four stories in height with a stringcourse lining its upper reaches. There was defensive base batter which prevented battering rams from being effective in times of Medieval sieges. The Castle seems to have fallen into disrepair by the 15th Century but was leased and a grant was provided for improvements to Robert Hartpole (Governor of Queens County) in 1563. The last mention of the castle was in the 1650's when it came into the ownership of Sir Richard Parsons of Birr Castle, Co. Offaly. Coolbanagher Castle as it was before the storm.  Image © Mike Searle ( Source ) The southern facade of the castle fell to during storm Darwin i

‘Oh, Margaret the lapping waves are licking quietly at our ankles’ | The fall of commercial archaeology in Northern Ireland

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