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Prof. Aidan O'Sullivan: Why people chose to live on lakes | Drumclay Conference 2014 | Review

[If you like what I write, please consider throwing something in the  Tip Jar  on the right of the page. Alternatively, using  The Reading Room  portal (top of page) for shopping with Amazon brings in some advertising revenue and costs you nothing] < Back to the contents page The final speaker of the day was the wonderful Prof. Aidan O'Sullivan of UCD. The session chair, Dr. Nóra Bermingham, introduced him as the person who would allow us to see Drumclay in the broader context. She explained that he has been working with crannogs for much of his career and has published widely on the subject. Following an enthusiastic round of applause  O’Sullivan i ntroduced himself to the audience and noted that his task was to answer the question as to 'why people chose to live on crannogs in lakes?'. He explained that the wanted to think about the ways in which Early Medieval people thought about islands and crannogs; the various motivations for building, inhabiting, and a