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Co Roscommon: Archaeological Objects at The British Museum

The British Museum holds 59 items identified as coming from Co Roscommon. The majority of these (46) are assigned to the Early Medieval period, followed by the Bronze Age (4) and Early Medieval (3). The most common object type represented are pins (24), followed by needles, ringed pins and spear-heads (3 each). The main material types represented are Metal (39) and bone (12), though items of Stone, Wood, Antler, Leather, and Tooth are also recorded. < Table of Contents Neolithic/Bronze Age: Stone item Roscommon macehead .9246 Stone macehead partly perforated on both sides, round shape and rounded edges, smooth surface, brown in colour. Bronze Age: Metal items Metal Roscommon axe 18621209.500 Copper alloy short-flanged axe; cast.