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Co Derry~Londonderry: Archaeological Objects at The British Museum Part II

The British Museum holds 221 items identified as coming from Co Derry~Londonderry. A further six are located to Antrim/Derry~Londonderry and one to Tyrone/Derry~Londonderry. The majority of the artefacts (168) are assigned to the Neolithic/Bronze Age, followed by the Roman (Provincial) period (30). The most common object type represented are axes (139), followed by adzes (10). The most common material type is Stone (174), followed by Metal (51), Glass (2), and Amber (1). < Table of Contents Neolithic (?)/Bronze Age (?)/Iron Age (?): Amber item Port Stewart bead 18881225.110 Amber globular bead. Neolithic (?)/Bronze Age (?)/Iron Age (?): Stone items Londonderry spindle-whorl Sturge.2244 Stone spindle-whorl, polished; plano-convex shape; thickness varies; some scratches but no surface damage; dark grey colour. http://britishmuseum.or