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Radicarbon, the Recession and me

[**If you think this post is useful, please re-share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.**] For those of you who don’t already know, I run the Irish Radiocarbon & Dendrochronological Dates facebook page. The point of the page is the promotion of archaeological dates in general and the grandiosely titled ‘ Catalogue of Radiocarbon Determinations and Dendrochronology Dates ’ in particular. The Catalogue is a free-to-all, downloadable resource for Irish archaeology. I started keeping this list in 2007, purely as a personal reaction to an immediate research need. I had just received the radiocarbon dates from one of my excavations – a Bronze Age burnt mound – when a colleague said to me something along the lines of: ‘wouldn’t it be interesting to compare the dates of this one and others … you’d never know what you might find … pity there’s no easy way to do it’. For him it was a passing remark, but for me it has resulted in (so far) four years of research, c

Killora & Killogilleen graveyards in Craughwell, Co. Galway

[** If you like this post, please make a donation to the IR&DD project using the button at the end.  If you think treat this post is useful, please re-share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.**] The weekend before last I travelled to Craughwell, Co. Galway, to see the newest additions to our family - my lovely new nephews Ben & Bobby. While I was there I had planned to take an hour or so and go visit the historic graveyards of Killora and Killogilleen. I was employed by the Parish Council in the mid-90s to produce detailed books of gravestones for both sites, and I maintain an interest in the sites. My intention was to take some photographs for use in a lecture I have been (provisionally) asked to prepare on the sites. Once I got there I realised that the light wasn't great for photography and that, in all probability, I had more than enough decent photos, taken on sunnier days. I've also been looking at the work done by Historic Graves , especially the sim

The dreaded first test post!

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