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Building the ultimate Library of Irish archaeology and history. Part III: The Irish Antiquarians

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Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 17

Hello & welcome to this, my 17th excursion into the land of archaeological and historical papers available on the site. This edition is a bit of a Jim O’Neill fest … he’s written extensively on Hugh O’Neill and his world and has spent some time uploading PDF copies to the internet … I think they’re excellent and well worth the time to explore and enjoy ... so, go … read, enjoy! James O'Neill: Doctoral Thesis: Irish warfare in the age of the Military Revolution: the ‘Nine Years War’, 1593-1603 James O'Neill: Maguire, MacBaron and Henry Duke’s crackers: the Battle of the Ford of the Biscuits, 7 August 1594 James O'Neill: The women of Tyrone's Rebellion James O'Neill: ‘Wonderfully altered from their Irish manner of arms’: the Battle of Clontibret, 27 May 1595 James O'Neill: Gaelic primitivism? Give it a rest. The Nine Years War (1593-1603) and the zenith of native Irish military power James O'Neill: Before Bartlett: Hugh O