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Edited transcript of meeting between Robert M Chapple and Rodney Moffett, Associate Director Amey NI

< Back to main article Edited transcript of meeting between Robert M Chapple (RMC) and Rodney Moffett, Associate Director Amey NI (RM), accompanied by PA. Meeting: Friday July 31 2015, East Belfast (Chapple Residence) What this document consists of: a transcript of the meeting between the two participants regarding the Drunclay crannog events. Agenda based on questions emailed to Amey plc, resulting from blog post ( ) Material omitted from this document: personal names and details of given individuals; confidential material not in the public domain; comments not germane to the matters at hand. Wording has been changed for readability and to preserve sense. All edits and omissions are mutually agreed between the parties. [Introductions & preliminaries] Question: How do you feel that the actions of Declan Hurl reflect on your company and how they may reflect on Amey’s corporat

Standing next to me in this lonely crowd | Conversation with Rodney Moffett, Amey Plc & A reply to Declan Hurl’s 'Apologia Pro Excavatio Sua'

Introduction On June 25 2015 Mark H. Durkan,  Minister  at the  Department of the Environment, published Prof Gabriel Cooney’s Review of the context of the excavation of a crannog in Drumclay townland Co. Fermanagh on the route of the Cherrymount Link Road . On July 17 I published my considered analysis of the report on this blog: Mud, lies and hazard tape: Reviewing The Report on the Drumclay Crannog . Rather than let the matter lie there, I assembled a series of questions, comments, and requests for further information and reply for some of the principal organisations involved in the Drumclay Crannog Fiasco. These included the Ministers at the Department of the Environment and Department for Regional Development and Mel Ewell , Chief Executive Officer of Amey. Amey were, of course, the engineering firm in overall control of the road scheme and employers of Declan Hurl, the director of the Phase 1 excavation. At the time of writing, the DoE have not produced anything resembling a