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Co Tyrone: Archaeological Objects at The British Museum

The British Museum holds 57 items identified as coming from Co Tyrone, along with one each identified as from either Tyrone/Fermanagh and Tyrone/Derry~Londonderry. The majority of these (17) are assigned to the Neolithic/Bronze Age. The most common object type represented are axes (16). The two main material types represented in this assemblage are Metal (34) and Stone (22). < Table of Contents Neolithic/Bronze Age: Stone items Tyrone macehead 20050501.290 Stone macehead, partly perforated on both faces, round and disk-like shape, smooth surface, brown in colour. Tyrone axe 18431226.157 Polished stone axe, small. Cookstown, bog (near) axe 18431226.155 Polished stone axe.