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The Tale of The Archaeologist and The Keeper: Clearly a Fictitious Fable

I’m giving up on this archaeology blog and from now on I’ll be using it to showcase my creative writing. Please read my latest piece of fiction: *             *             * Narrator: Let me take you back in time! The European: How far back? Narrator: All the way back! Well, back to the Bronze Age anyway … bump, click, whirr! Bang! And here we are in a place that will one day be known as Tullallen in the county that will eventually be called Louth.   We’re watching the digging of a ring ditch and the placement of a cremation burial at its centre. But we can’t stay here! … We have to go the couple of hundred metres to an area of land that will be called Mell. Here we see a rather strange, elongated ring ditch that is being filled up with burnt stone, and bone … so much bone! All of it burnt, but it includes both animal and human bone. Unfortunately, the veils of time dim our ability to see exactly what’s happening here and we, my dear reader – like a Morty to my Rick – are whiske