Saturday, March 29, 2014

Carrickfergus Castle excavation open day | March 29 2014 | in 3D

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External view of Carrickfergus Castle
The Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork, QUB have been excavating at Carrickfergus Castle, Co. Antrim.  They’ve been uncovering some of the 19th century military aspects of the castle. In particular, they’ve traced the length of a munitions tunnel where ordnance was off-loaded from ships and taken into the castle for storage. So far they’ve found a number of narrow-gauge tracks, and a turntable for moving this material around. In amongst the tightly-compacted back-fill they’ve recovered numerous artefacts from earlier periods of the castle’s occupation. The excavations are being directed by Ruairí Ó Baoill author of, among other things, Hidden History Below Our Feet: The Archaeological Story of Belfast.

The Chapple family braved the rather nasty weather today to go see the project. It was lovely to catch up with old friends and former colleagues and see the results of all their hard work uncovering a portion of the castle’s story that I know particularly little about. For the benefit of those who couldn’t be there, but share an interest in Northern Irish archaeology, I offer a few snaps, some rendered in 3D for your viewing pleasure. You’ll need to buy a set of the red/blue kind (or make your own). If these are not to your taste, I have selection of more traditional 2D panoramas: here.

Overview of the Outer Ward

Outer Ward from the NE Curtain Wall

Visitors getting the tour from the Site Director, Ruairí Ó Baoill

Narrow-gauge rails (foreground) running through the medieval Hall

Excavations in the Inner Ward from the SW Curtain Wall
Inner Ward excavations with the Keep on the left

A selection of the finds ... (click for larger images)

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