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The Shape of an L - a reply from Junior F [Watchman]

I love the idea that people read the posts I write. Some you like, some … less so. Whatever people think about the individual piece, I’m always grateful to know that I provoked some degree of thought and discussion. It is genuinely humbling and I thank all those who get in touch to discuss a piece or give me additional information, or help me build a fuller understanding. Then there’s “Junior F [Watchman]” … He decided that, after reading my most recent post about the possible meaning of the L-shape in Early Medieval Irish art that he had to go track down my personal email account and send me a 1,200 word reply under the title of “A mission to find your contact email..”.

An edge-on view of the wonderful Stowe Missal Shrine (Warner 1906)

Although I never claimed that the idea of the Trinity was ‘Biblical Doctrine’, he really wants to put me straight on this issue and how it ‘is one of the most profound lies spread by Catholicism which is diametrically opposed to the Shema’. He reckons (without providing anything as tawdry as evidence) that the ‘L-shape’ could refer to ‘"EL-ohim" in Biblical Hebrew is the word for "God", a Supreme title.’ I’m also accused of using the word ‘write’ when I should have said (or ‘typed’) that I had typed it. As only Junior F [Watchman]’s god can create anything and you can’t use the word in any other way, I’m blaspheming against him. Junior F [Watchman] needs to tell me that: ‘you are basically assisting the 'stupidizing' of language by using certain terms in definitions that have been "SOCIALIZED"/"PAGANZIED" and you have no clue it seems that when you use the word "Create" in a definition that is has nothing to do with God being subject of the word "Create", you are actually blaspheming Him’. He goes on to say that Jesus commands him to warn me against this. He’s not particularly clear whether this is a general command or if Jesus mentioned me specifically, but from what I can gather of Junior F [Watchman]’s personality, it really could go either way. Junior F [Watchman]’s tone then takes a turn for the dark and violent as he notes ‘what you do with this after is your situation, not mine, sinch (sic.) by then your blood is off my hands.’ He ends with the charming statement that 'I can provide more evidence if requested.' ... Frankly, I'm at a loss to see what evidence he's presented at all ... but, different strokes and all that ...

I suppose that my greatest disappointment here is that I would have hoped that, should I ever be contacted by a member of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, it’d be Silk Spectre, Rorschach, or even Dr Manhattan (heck, even Night Owl, at a push!) … not some lightly deranged ‘former paganos-catholicos of 30+ years’ who takes his spelling lessons from the Tyndale Bible he quotes as his email sig file. For the record, I’ve decided to post his entire comment here and not reply directly to him ... just in case I’m suddenly hit by a bolt of lightening …

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Greetings in the one who inhabits all of eternity,

Mr. Robert Chapple.. i came across your article today title "The Shape of an L".

I'm a former paganos-catholicos of 30+ years emaiing you from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Within the last 12 years of my life i became a true born again beliver according to proper first century Jude 1:1-3 Gospel understanding as it was actually taught in the first century mindset by Jesus and the Apostles. Thus, the "Trinity" is NOT "Bible Doctrine", rather it's Platonic Philosophy that was injected forcefully into the early church by the very wolves that Jesus, Peter, James, John and Paul warned about w/ tears (See Acts 20:29 + Colossians 2:8-9 as one prime example.)  Further, i am trained in biblical greek and biblical hebrew of varying strengths and frankly to claim the "Trinity" is "Biblical Doctrine" is one of the most profound lies spread by Catholicism which is diametrically opposed to the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4 and many other examples in the Old and New Covenant.) The Trinity philosophy, that's what it is, is part of what is known as "Mystery Religions" especially of Egypt and Babylon and it is an utmost severe corruption of the Biblical New Covenant Israelite comprehension of the Godhead.  God has a name, His name is Jesus, He is the Spirit of all spirits, He is not a 'person' (See Numbers 23:19, Job 9:32, 1Samuel 15:29). There were many various trinity religious philosophies which of course belonged to pagans and heathens before God incarnated and named Himself Jesus which before God did this, the Hebrews who later became Israelites, knew with no doubts, that ANYONE who worshipped a 'trinity', were pagans or heathens, it was a severe corruption of the ONE God.  Therefore your claims that are founded on the false belief that the Trinity is "Biblical Doctrine", well when a foundation is bulit on a great false rock, and really it's sand, it is self-destruction when the time comes for they are direct opposition to correct exegesis of the Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew of the first century.

As for the "L" .. "EL-ohim" in Biblical Hebrew is the word for "God", a Supreme title.  It could be the "L's" that you see everywhere are a reference to "El" (El-ohim). Though the word is a plural word in Hebrew grammar, only when it is used for the God of the Holy Bible, it is used in the singular form as part of factual comprehension of proper grammatical Hebrew as substantiated by Deuteronomy 6:4, thus, to claim God is a trinity, when there are so many Biblical verses when properly exegeted that refute God is a trinity, well frankly.. you are spreading a Catholic position, and any non-denonominational (denonominational is a Catholic term, not biblical) true born again beliver in Jesus the Christ (Matthew 6:24-34, Mark 8:34-38 / Luke 9:23-24, 14:27, 17:33 / John 3:3-5, 3:16, 12:24-25 / Galatians 5:19-26 / 1Corinthians 1:30-31, 1Peter4:17-18 etc) knows that such a position is the utmost doctrine of devils that was injected into the early church that was infiltrated by the mystery religion wolves who pretended to be 'true believers in the One God" but bit by bit were fully successful after 150 A.D. of their infiltration thereby causing so many to believe that the "Trinity" was a biblical doctrine when even according to John the Apostle's disciple "Polycarp", in his own writings he has no problem revealing candidly that right before his death circa 150s A.D., the early church was already fully infiltrated by all these wolves and were spreading and had cemented most severe corruptions and perversions of the Godhead understanding according to the Israelite mindset, and thus were also successful in injecting many other false views of the Scriptures which of course again, Jesus, Peter, James, John and Paul warned about with tears on their couch when they wrote their letters to born again bible believing ekklesia.  All the books of the New Testament were written from late 30s A.D. to around 98 A.D.  All the 27 books of the Holy Bible were already accepted among all bible born again communities in the Land of Israel in this time frame as "Biblical Canon".  Rome was still very much pagan at this time as it still is, and it was Rome who murdered Peter and Paul.  Rome didn't decide to adopt what Jesus and the Apostles taught until around 330s A.D. and the version they adopted was a very corrupted version mixed with Mithraism and the Egyptian cult of Serapis, which existed circa around 200 B.C. as an Egyptian/Greco Theosis cult which is where the classic Greek word "Christian" comes from which is NOT a word that Jesus or Paul used (who wrote most of the New Covenant) and the word "Christian" and "Christianity" are actually terms that were used by the Cult of Serapis, even Hadrian confirms this and the word "Christian" is a severe pejorative insult to the Apostles and their disciples for the word "Christian" actually implies deity (hence why such cults were theosis cults) and thus nowhere did Jesus or the Apostles teach that when you become born again, you became a little god/little (the) christ/little divinity/little king of israel etc, it's utterly blasphemous. The word "Christian" is only used 3 times in the New Testament and each time it's used, it's used as the pejorative diminutive it was understood as.  When the Emperor of Rome, Emperor Hadrian _(76 A.D. - 138 A.D.)_ wrote from the area that Alexander conquered he said;

"Those who worship Serapis are *Christianos (Christians) and those who call themselves Bishops of "Christ" are vowed to Serapis (S..ap..) a GRACEO-EGYPTIAN God."

Lastly, only God/Jesus creates, for it means "Out of nothing - Exnihlo" which the Holy Bible makes clear only God is subject of the word "Create", it's something only HE does, NOT man.  Also in your article you use the word "WRITE".  IF you typed out your article, this is not "WRITING" this is TYPING. It is of utmost importance in today's english age which shows itself to be increasingly and quickly degenerating into idiot english from intelligent english, it's becoming so more apparent that the internet is causing many people to not become wiser, more intelligent, but actually more dictionary illiterate.  You're not writing unless you actually wrote your article with your hands and a pen or pencil etc.  I hope the following quotes help you comprehend what you are doing, that you are basically assisting the 'stupidizing' of language by using certain terms in definitions that have been "SOCIALIZED"/"PAGANZIED" and you have no clue it seems that when you use the word "Create" in a definition that is has nothing to do with God being subject of the word "Create", you are actually blaspheming Him, you may not care, but I do as a born again remnant believer and Jesus commands me to warn you against it, what you do with this after is your situation, not mine, sinch by then your blood is off my hands.

I can provide more evidence if requested.

Thus .. if one builds their foundations an very seriously false understanding of the first century Israelite mindset and facts of the New Testament, their whole journey is cursed and fraught with error that all emanates from beginning on the left foot, instead of the right.




Philippians 1:21   For the Christ is to me lyfe and deeth is to me a vauntage.  – Tyndale Bible 1534

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As a little  PS, I’d just like to reiterate that, even when I use a keyboard, I’m still writing and I can (and do) create both art and literature – it’s not a term reserved just for the actions of a god. If Junior F [Watchman] doesn’t like this, I suggest that he prays for me to stop!

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