Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thanks for reading! | The Top 10 posts of 2017

Over the course of 2017 I’ve published some 63 posts of varying kinds, that garnered just under 70,000 views. As the year is drawing to a close, I just wanted to thank everyone who has read, shared, and (hopefully) enjoyed some of the content along the way. For those who missed out and would like to catch up, here are the Top 10 posts from 2017, plus a final, end-of-year plug for two posts that I really enjoyed writing that, I think, should have been a bit more widely read than they were.

Again, my thanks for reading in 2017 … I’m already working on a large number of posts for 2018, so I hope to catch your interest with some of those too!

Finally, here are my personal picks of two posts that didn’t make the Top 10, but meant quite a bit to me and, I think, deserve a bit of reading love …

‘The Shape of an L’:Thoughts on the occurrence and meaning of the L-shape in Early Medieval art and religion

‘Marrow mash’: the possible medicinal use of cattle bone marrow in Early Historic Ireland

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