Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Adventures in London museums: Table of Contents

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to get over to London on a number of occasions on my own just to bask in the gorgeousness of various museums. Not doing research on any particular project, just as a tourist out having a look and a poke about. In this series of posts, I want to share some photographs from my excursions to three of my favourites: The British Museum; The Victoria & Albert Museum; and The Petrie Museum. In most cases, my intention is to merely give a few basic details about the piece: the location, provenance, date, that kind of thing. Some will have little snippets of stories to go with them, explaining my fascination with the piece or maybe it won’t. Some of these pieces I consider to be old friends – visited every time I go to the museum – while others are new acquaintances. All of them touched me in some way – intellectually, aesthetically, or emotionally ... sometimes all three … maybe they’ll do the same for you!

My intention with this post is to use it as a general table of contents, showing the individual blog posts under the heading of each of the institutions that curates them.

The British Museum
The Victoria & Albert Museum
The St Nicholas Crozier
Adoration of the Kings
The Dacre Beasts
Half-armour for the tilt
The Basilewsky Situla
The Lamentation over the Dead Christ
The Three Graces
Jousting Armour
The War of Troy tapestry
Belt Buckle with beaked snakes
Hand Reliquary
Battle Armour
Sir Paul Pindar’s house
The Becket Casket
‘Bellarmine’ Pottery Vessels
A Pair of Doors

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