Thursday, December 3, 2015

I need 5 minutes of your time to do two favours! Current Archaeology Awards

I’m going to keep this short! The nominations for the Current Archaeology Awards [Facebook | Web] have just been announced and there are two entries from the island of Ireland there and I would be very grateful if you would consider voting for them.

Rescue Dig of the Year 2016
The Drumclay crannog-dwellers: revealing 1,000 years of lakeside living
(Nora Bermingham and Caitriona Moore)

Book of the Year 2016
The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland
(Marion Dowd)

Please go to the voting page [here] and do your bit!

That’s it! That’s all! Thank you for helping!

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The longer bit:

Every one of the nominees deserves their place on the list, but I think these two are particularly special and deserve all-Ireland archaeological support.

The nomination for Drumclay reads: “The rare excavation of a medieval artificial island, or crannog, in Co. Fermanagh revealed a wealth of stunning finds, from the well preserved remains of timber structures to thousands of artefacts, which are set to revolutionise our understanding of such settlements.” Article in CA 299 [here]

The nomination for The Archaeology of Caves reads: “This trailblazing book draws together archaeology, history, mythology, and place-names to chart the changing roles of Irish caves from prehistory to more recent times, adopting a holistic approach that future scholars doubtless will follow. The book’s broad timespan is complemented by its wide array of interpretive themes.” Review in CA 307 [here]

If you have the time and the interest, please consider voting for the nominees in the other categories too. If pressed, I’d have preferences for the following:

Research Project of the Year 2016
(GUARD Archaeology) ... because it's an incredibly important historical site that is gaining fresh insights from archaeological techniques

Archaeologist of the Year 2016
(University of Bradford) ... because he's just an incredible archaeologist! Seriously! What's not to like?

You can read more on all the nominees here

Voting closes on 8 February 2016, and the winners will be announced at the special awards ceremony on 26 February at Current Archaeology Live! 2016.

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