Saturday, July 26, 2014

Waterford in the 17th century | Let's help get this poster printed!

Dave Pollock is a well-known archaeologist and illustrator working in Ireland. He’s currently trying to raise funding to print his rather excellent view of Waterford as it was in the mid-17th century. If, like me, you admire his work & think it’s a worthwhile thing to do, read on from Dave himself:

Waterford in the mid-17th century (click for larger version)

“I’m printing a wall poster (A1 size) of the bird’s-eye view of Waterford in the mid-17th century, with notes on some of the points of interest scribbled on, a bit like the draft I’m holding in the photo. It’s ready to print but I can’t cover the cost so I’m looking for sponsors. I’m looking for 50 people to contribute 20 apiece, in return for which they will have their names recorded in small print on the margin and they will receive a signed copy in the post. This is not an advertising opportunity, I won’t be printing the names of businesses, just 50 individuals, or couples. I don’t want money now, just an email with something like “my name is Pythagoras Widget and I would like to sponsor the Waterford poster for €20”. I don’t need an address either, only a name (which will be printed on the margin). I will reply to the 50 sponsors (i.e. the first 50). I can’t guarantee to reply to all the unsuccessful applicants, but I will post a note on Facebook immediately I’ve got the 50 sponsors. I’ll print the poster then and alert the 50 sponsors by email that the sponsors’ copies are ready to post. That’s when I will need the money and a postal address from each sponsor.
 To avoid the complication of foreign currency and overseas postage I’m only taking sponsors in Ireland. I think it will work; I’ve 6 sponsors so far. If you want to join the list please send an email to me at info[replace the piece inside the square brackets with the ‘at’ symbol]"

While you're at it, check out his Facebook page here and his Archaeografix website here!

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