Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Grenoble Archaeological Museum | The Saint-Oyand crypt

Without doubt, the jewel of the Grenoble Archaeological Museum is the Saint-Oyand crypt. It was built as a funerary church in the early 6th century. The remarkable set of 20 columns and capitals are not from this early period, dating to about a century later. The columns are in Vimine, a conglomerate stone found near Bordeaux and a white marble/limestone from Savoy. The decorated capitals are carved on a white marble/limestone from Beau de Provence. The decorative items used include foliage, lambs, doves, griffins, and other symbols common to carving of the period. All I can say is that I was, once again, completely taken by these capitals and spent much time and energy photographing them. For this I make no apology!

Interior of crypt photographed in 2000

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