Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thanks for reading! | The Top 10 posts of 2016

As the year winds to a close, I’ve been looking over what I’ve put out on this blog and how it has been received. I’ve never claimed that I’ve written for anyone other than myself, but to know that there’s an audience for what I produce is wonderful and incredibly humbling. To everyone who has read, shared, enjoyed, or supported me in this endeavour in some way over the last 12 months, I offer you my most sincere thanks! It has been brilliant! … You’ve been brilliant! We’ve been brilliant together!

Only one post not written by me made it into the Top Ten & I'm very grateful to Sergey Telizhenko for sharing the results of his project on damage to archaeological sites in the Ukraine. Once again, topics relating to Drumclay crannog dominate … and by ‘dominate’ I mean ‘occupy six of the 10 places’. I never wanted this to become the ‘Drumclay Blog’, but it seems like it will be a recurring theme for some time yet to come! … While we can only wait to see what happens in 2017, here’s the most popular in 2016:

1 (3356 views) Caitríona Moore: Investigation of what the crannóg inhabitants made, used and discarded | Drumclay Conference 2014 | Review

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