Thursday, April 14, 2016

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 11

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Once again, I'm back with a selection of reading materials - mostly on Irish archaeology - from the holdings. They are a collection of papers and chapters that caught my attention and I reckoned would be of wider interest, if you've not already encountered them. However, before you dive into any of these, I would ask you to take a look at the new book by Stuart Rathbone: Archaeological Boundaries. Discussions, Experiments and Unprovoked Attacks. Go take a look & then come back to these!

Even if you're not immediately ready to commit to a book length offering from Stuart, there's always a select collection of his papers to start you off!
Stuart Rathbone: A Middle Bronze Age stone head from Slievemore, Achill Island, Co Mayo

Robin Bendrey, Nick Thorpe, Alan Outram, & Louise H. Van Wijngaarden-Bakker: The origins of domestic horses in north-west Europe: new direct dates on the horses of Newgrange, Ireland

M. McClatchie, A. Bogaard, S. Colledge, N.J. Whitehouse, R.J. Schulting, P. Barratt, & T.R. McLaughlin: Neolithic farming in north-western Europe: archaeobotanical evidence from Ireland

George Eogan, Elizabeth Shee Twohig, & Ken Williams: Containing the dead in Irish Passage tombs

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