Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 09

Hello & welcome again to my personal pic of what's interesting to read in Irish archaeology & related topics on ... go ahead, have a read ... it's free!

Philip Macdonald: The Base of a Probable Candlestick from the Mass Rock at Carrickanaltar, Aghanaglack, County Fermanagh
Philip Macdonald: Medieval Belfast Considered

Philip Macdonald, Naomi Carver, & Mike Yates: Excavations at McIlwhans Hill, Ballyutoag, County Antrim

Stephen Cameron, Philip Macdonald, & Brian Sloan: Two Assemblages of Worked Flint from Linford, County Antrim

Colm Donnelly, Philip Macdonald, Eileen Murphy & Nicholas Beer: Excavations at Boho High Cross, Toneel North, County Fermanagh

Karin Margarita Frei, Ulla Mannering, Kristian Kristiansen, Morten E. Allentoft, Andrew S. Wilson, Irene Skals, Silvana Tridico, Marie Louise Nosch, Eske Willerslev, Leon Clarke, & Robert Frei: Tracing the dynamic life story of a Bronze Age Female

Stefan Bergh & Robert Hensey: Unpicking the Chronology of Carrowmore

Andrea Watters and Niamh Ní Riain (eds.) Trowel. Volume XII. 2010. The volume contains all of the following:
Andrew May: The Archaeology of Ambiguity
Sarah Forde: Dying for their King: A critical analysis of the relationshipbetween Iron Age bog bodies and boundaries
Margaret Williams: Transformations: assessing the relationship between ironworking and burial in early medieval Ireland
Oliver Reuss: Never trust a text: Rediscovering “De Oratorio” in HispericaFamina
Claire Kavanagh: Late Iron Age/Early Medieval Burial Grounds
Russell Ó Riagáin: The Round Towers of Ireland: Date, Origin, Functions and Symbolism
Niall Colfer: Turning stone into Bread: Harrylock Millstone Quarry, The HookPeninsula, County Wexford.
Nienke Van Etten: The Murder of Murchad Ua Maelsechnaill: a re-examination of the Irish Round Towers
Kevin Rowan De Groote: With your shield or on it: An experimental approach to the Greek Hoplite shield
Catherine Sara Parnell: The Ancient Greek Kopis and Machaira
Maeve Mc Hugh: Occupant, house and state in Hellenistic Greece: A case study of the houses from New Halos
Leon Mc Namee: An examination of the Iconographic exchange between the Aegean and Egypt in the Bronze Age
Michael Ann Bevivino: The story of a fragment: The mummy wrapping of Khnum-Nakht
Michael Harte: An Ethnographic Study of the third gender and its application to the archaeological record

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