Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 08

I've been having a read through what I feel is some of the most interesting archaeology-related stuff available on the site ... as always, it's mostly Irish material, with a sprinkling of other things that caught my eye ... I suggest that you have a look, have a read, consider signing up to for a free account and even come follow me & read some of my writing [here]

Karina Grömer: Efficiency and technique – Experiments with original spindle whorls

Colm J Donnelly & Eileen Murphy: The origins of cilliní in Ireland

Hilary Cool, Howard Mason, & Philip Macdonald: Excavations on the Defences of Caerleon Legionary Fortress in 1982

Rick Schulting, Alison Sheridan, Rebecca Crozier, & Eileen Murphy: Revisiting Quanterness: new AMS dates and stable isotope data from an Orcadian chamber tomb

Ian Armit, Graeme T. Swindles, Katharina Becker, Gill Plunkett, & Maarten Blaauw: Rapid climate change did not cause population collapse at the end of the European Bronze Age

Bernhard Weninger, Kevan Edinborough, Marcel Bradtmöller, Mark Collard, Philippe Crombé, Uwe Danzeglocke, Daniela Holst, Olafjöris, Marcel Niekus, Stephen Shennan, & Rick Schulting: A Radiocarbon Database for the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic In Northwest Europe

Robin Bendrey, Nick Thorpe, Alan Outram, & Louise H. Van Wijngaarden-Bakker: The Origins of Domestic Horses in North-west Europe: new Direct Dates on the Horses of Newgrange, Ireland

Aidan O’Sullivan, Mark Powers, John Murphy, Niall Inwood, Bernard Gilhooly, Niamh Kelly, Wayne Malone, John Mulrooney, Cian Corrigan, Maeve L’Estrange, Antoinette Burke, Maria Kazuro, Conor McDermott, Graeme Warren, Brendan O’Neill, Mark Heffernan & Mairead Sweeney: Experimental Archaeology: making; understanding; story-telling

Robin Bendrey: Animal Paleopathology

Ian Riddler & Nicola Trzaska-Nartowski: Notes to Chanting on a Dunghill

Killian Driscoll, Jonas Alcaina, Natàlia Égüez, Xavier Mangado, Josep-Maria Fullola, & José-Miguel Tejero: Trampled under foot: A quartz and chert human trampling experiment at the Cova del Parco rock shelter, Spain

Elizabeth Shee-Twohig & Ken Williams: Irish Open-Air Rock-Art: issues of Erosion and Management

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