Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 07

Another look at what's good and cool on for Irish archaeology and related stuff that grabbed my interest. It's good work and it's free to anyone wishing to find it - go & explore!

Eamonn Kelly: Sheela-na-gigs in the National Museum of Ireland, together with a brief description of their origin and function

Terry O’Hagan: ‘Cill Cáscan and De Controversia Paschali’: Echoes of Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Controversy in the Irish Landscape

Rick Schulting, Andrew Chamberlain, & Christopher Meiklejohn: Radiocarbon dating of Mesolithic human remains in Great Britain

Daniela Hofmann & Jessica Smyth Introduction: Dwelling, Materials, Cosmology—Transforming Houses in the Neolithic

Kerri Cleary and Niamh McCullagh: Discovering the Archaeologists of Ireland 2012-2014

Brian Dolan, Amy McQuillan, Emmett O’Keeffe and Kim Rice (eds.) Proceedings of The Association of Young Irish Archaeologists Annual Conference 2007 which contains all of the following:

  • Patrick Walsh: The Movement of Prehistoric People in the Nephin Mountain Landscape, Co Mayo
  • Niall Kenny: The Irish Sheela–Na–Gig – Once Scorned But Now Revived and Celebrated
  • Lorcan Harney: Imitatio Romae: High Status Recumbent Cross–Slabs, High–Crosses and theOrganisation of the Early Monastic Landscape of Glendalough
  • Maureen Doyle: A Tale of Two Saints: Some Perceptions of Identity in Early Medieval Europe
  • Rebecca Boyd: Norse Houses in Ireland and Western Britain AD 800 – 1100:A Social Archaeology of Dwellings, Ethnicity and Culture
  • Kare McManama–Kearin: A Reassessment of MidBronze Age Cave Burials from Ogof yr Esgyrnin the Dan yr Ogof Caves, South Wales
  • Ian Magee: No Bones About It, A Skeleton Can Look Too Young For Its Age:A New Direction In The Estimation of Age–At–Death
  • Catriona McKenzie: A General Overview of Pathological Lesions Noted During the osteoarchaeological Analysis of the First Two Hundred Skeletonsfrom the Medieval Cemetery Site at Ballyhanna, Co. Donegal
  • Sara Nylund: The Landscape of Mottes in Co. Louth: Topography, Location and Function
  • Paul O’Keeffe: Approaches to Battlefield Archaeology in Ireland:A Case Study of the Siege and Battle of Kinsale AD 1601
  • Don O’Meara: Cultural Landscapes in South Western Alaska – Varieties of Interpretation

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