Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 06

I'm back again with a brief(ish) list of what I think are good and interesting reads in Irish archaeology and related topics on ... have a read and see what you think ... along the way, consider setting up your own free account on the site and following my work here (you know you want to!)

James Bonsall & Heather Gimson Geophysical Perspectives in Archaeology

Eamonn Kelly The Earthworks in The Derrynaflan hoard: A Prelimiminary Account

Helen Lawson Bede’s social network and other contacts [PowerPoint presentation]

Catherine Swift St Comgall and the schools of Bangor [PowerPoint presentation]

Damian Shiels Irish Involvement in the American Civil War [PowerPoint presentation]
Damian Shiels The Conflict Landscape of Ireland [PowerPoint presentation]
Damian Shiels Conflict Archaeology in Ireland [PowerPoint presentation]

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