Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bronze Age Gold at the Ulster Museum [video]

I was hunting about today, trying to decide which of my diminishing backlog of unreleased pieces I'd publish next, when an email arrived from Greer Ramsey at the Ulster Museum [Facebook | Website]. He brought a short video to my attention about two pieces of Late Bronze Age gold work from Northern Ireland, purchased for the museum through the Treasure Act process. These are the Inch Bulla from near Downpatrick, Co. Down, and the Corrard Torc from Co. Fermanagh. Funding was made available from the Art Fund and The Headley Trust to help with the interpretation of material purchased by Museums under the Treasure Act. Take a look - whether you're a professional archaeologist or a non specialist there's much to enjoy here, from putting these beautiful pieces in their archaeological and cultural contexts, to just appreciating viewing them as fantastic examples of the goldsmith's art. Enjoy!

Anyone wanting to find out more about Irish Bronze Age gold work may be interested in my report on Greer's excellent lecture on the Corrard Torc, given to the Ulster Archaeology Society [here] or Aurélien Burlot's excellent report on the Ulster Museum's recent day-seminar on Ireland’s Bronze Age Gold [here].

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