Friday, May 8, 2015

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 02

Following on from the popularity of my last trawl through the holdings of Irish archaeology (and other material that caught my interest), I though I'd put together another brief post with more reading suggestions. As always, if there's anything I've missed, or you'd like me to feature some of your writing, just let me know & I'll consider it for future posts.

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Here is my pick of the best out there:

Jessica Smyth: Tara in pieces — change and continuity at the turn of the 3rd millennium BC

Damian Shiels: The War of Independence Landscape of Knockraha (PowerPoint Presentation)

Damian Shiels: Exploring the Archaeological Opportunities of the Decade of Centenaries
(PowerPoint Presentation)

Ian Armit et al.: Death, Decapitation and Display? The Bronze and Iron Age Human Remains from the Sculptor’s Cave, Covesea, NE Scotland

Ian Armit & Philomena Grant: Gesture politics and the art of ambiguity: the Iron Age statue from Hirschlanden

Ian Armit et al.: The ins and outs of death in the Iron Age: complex funerary treatments at Broxmouth hillfort, East Lothian

Emily Murray et al.: The food economies of Atlantic Island monasteries: The documentary and archaeo-environmental evidence

Rick Schulting: Holocene environmental change and the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in northwest Europe: revisiting two models

Rick Schulting et al.: Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis on human remains from the Early Mesolithic site of La Vergne (Charente-Maritime, France)

Rick Schulting & Michael P. Richards: Dogs, divers, deer and diet. Stable isotope results from Star Carr and a response to Dark

Ciaran McDonough: Learning Irish in Late-Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Belfast: the Antiquarian Influence

Spencer G Smith: Parks and Designed Landscapes in Medieval Wales

Ros Ó Maoldúin: Exchange in Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age (EBA) Ireland: Connecting people, objects and ideas

Lloyd Graham: Echoes of Antiquity in the Early Irish 'Song of Amergin' 

David Mennear: The Study of the Archaeological Site of Catcote in Hartlepool: From Late Iron Age to the Romano-British Settlements, with Reference to Regional Development

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