Friday, March 13, 2015

Medieval Britain and Ireland – Fieldwork Highlights 2014 Call for Submissions

Dear Colleague,

Dr Tomás Ó Carragáin and I are currently compiling the Irish component of the Medieval Britain and Ireland fieldwork summaries, and the Fieldwork Highlights section for the forthcoming volume of the journal Medieval Archaeology. We are therefore issuing this years Call for Submissions, and would be much obliged if you could forward this communication to anyone you know who is not included in this initial mailing list who you think may have a contribution to make.

We are seeking fieldwork summaries of 100 to 300 words, detailing work which was carried out in 2014, and which will feature in the online database hosted by the ADS (, providing readers with an up-to-date gazetteer of archaeological sites. Longer submissions are also being sought for sites that you think may merit inclusion in the ‘Fieldwork Highlights’ section of the journal. These latter should be a maximum of 2500 words, with a short supporting bibliography where appropriate, and may also include up to five good quality black and white and/or colour plates or figures.  

In completing your submissions please note the following pointers: 

•                Please provide the full site name in the form of the site name, townland name and county, e.g. Moynagh Lough,Brittas, Co. Meath. In the case of urban sites please provide the house number(s), street name and town, e.g. 2-4 Patrick Street, Kilkenny.

•                A National Grid Co-ordinate for the site of at least ten figures (5E&5N) is essential.

•                For the purposes of these summaries the medieval period extends from c. AD 400 to 1534. Please state the date of your site within this time frame as closely as possible, indicating likewise the basis of that dating (i.e. stratigraphical, artefactual, dendrochronological, typological, radiocarbon, guesswork or whatever).

•                If the primary purpose of your licence was for testing or monitoring, and nothing was revealed which furthers our knowledge of the site or an adjacent monument, there is no need to communicate this information. 

•                It would be much appreciated if you could send the information by email to

•                If you have a good quality line drawing or photograph that may be helpful in interpreting the site, you are welcome to attach it with the text. Please do not embed images in the Word document, but send them as separate files in a suitable format (JPEG, TIFF etc.).

If you wish to make a submission, then please reply to this email indicating your intention and whether the submission is a short or long summary, by the 20th of March at the latest. We will then discuss the subsequent submission deadlines directly with prospective contributors. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone (0852424497) if you have any queries or if I can be of any assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Gleeson

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