Tuesday, September 16, 2014

European Heritage Open Days 2014 | Where did you discover?

European Heritage Open Days was held on the weekend of 13-14th September this year. I'm not sure of actual numbers of buildings that were open, but it was certainly impressive and there was a huge choice to be had around Belfast alone. I did my best to get out and see what I could. In all, I got out to see six properties and have several Gbs of photos and a small pile of semi-garbled notes. Again, this year, I decided to concentrate on locations in my adopted home of east Belfast, though I did make an excursion into Belfast city centre. In the fullness of time (read: in the next 8 to 12 months), I will attempt to get a few blog posts together to promote these beautiful buildings, to share them with the wider world, and (hopefully) convince a few people to come to Northern Ireland and experience these places for themselves. In the interim, I just wanted to share a few photos of the places I got to see. More importantly, I want to express my thanks to the organisers and to the small army of volunteers, whose commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm ensured that the weekend was a success - thank you all! I'm already looking forward to EHOD 2015!

So ... where did you discover this year? Want to tell the world about an undiscovered gem or a wonder hiding in plain sight? Tell me about it in the comments or, if you'd like the space for a longer discussion and some of your images, consider putting it together for a blog post here - it's an open invitation to all!

(Click on any photo for larger versions)

Saint Mark's, Dundela

Templemore Avenue Public Baths and Swimming Pools

Harland & Wolff HQ and Drawing Offices

Belmont Tower

May Street Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church, Rosemary Street, Belfast

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