Saturday, September 27, 2014

Drumclay Crannóg: The life and times of a Fermanagh lake-dwelling | Conference | September 27 2014 | Some photos

I'm just back home in Belfast after a fantastic day in Enniskillen at the Drumclay Crannóg: The life and times of a Fermanagh lake-dwelling conference. I'm hoping to put together a comprehensive set of posts covering all the lectures given, but in the meantime, here are a selection of my photos from the day:

The amazingly skilled wood worker was part of a living history display
His lathe is foot powered!

An example of his remarkable work

The Lady with the Spinning Thread!
Living history reenactor showing the use of distaff and spindle whorl

Ricardo the bone & antler worker's table

Dr. Nóra BerminghamWeaving together the excavation results

Have you ever heard 200 people simultaneously say 'wow'?
You would have today as  Caitríona Moore delivered
 Investigation of what the crannóg inhabitants made, used and discarded

Ricardo's bone combs - including a reproduction of the
Drumclay bird-headed example

Prof. Aidan O'Sullivan (L) and Nora Bermingham (R) talk
combs with Ricardo

Nora Bermingham discusses spinning

Ricardo surveys his handiwork

How meta is this? Me photographing Nora Bermingham photographing
Ricardo holding the replica of the 
Drumclay bird-headed comb!

Two wood experts meet! Cathy Moore talks to the woodworker,

Nora Bermingham gets a masterclass in comb making

Dr. Eileen Reilly: Dirt, hygiene and health on early medieval settlements.
Perhaps right after lunch wasn't the right time for this!

Dr. Emily Murray delivers Farming and animals

Ian Riddler delivered an amazing insight into medieval life and what
your comb says about you in: Teasing apart the bone and antler objects

The Man in Black: Prof. Aidan O'Sullivan speaking on
Why people chose to live on lakes and why Drumclay is the best
waterlogged site in the world!

Final words: Dr John O'Keeffe draws together the strands of the
day's papers and provides some final thoughts!
I just want to thank the organisers and presenters of this conference for all their hard work to produce such a great day ... there's so much to think about. Knowing how slowly I write, it may be a while before I can present any detail on who said what. Until then, I hope these snaps help convey some of the excitement and exhilaration of the day!

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