Thursday, February 20, 2014

The fall of commercial archaeology in Northern Ireland | Appendix I | Who’s Who

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Based on the legal advice given to me, I have taken the decision to explicitly link the anonymised companies discussed in the main text [here] to their actual names and data. The reason for this is to provide full transparency in where my data is coming from and so that it may be checked for accuracy and inconsistencies. I have also chosen to place it at a slight remove from the main text, so that anyone not wishing to know the details of any individual company does not have to be confronted with it. The companies are listed in the main text by their year of incorporation and that format is preserved here:

Company Check Data:
1990 Company [Last accessed April 24 2016]
1997 Company [Last accessed April 24 2016]
2002 Company [Last accessed April 24 2016]
2005 Company [Last accessed April 24 2016]

Open Company Data:
1990 Company [Last accessed October 27 2014]
1997 Company [Last accessed October 27 2014]
2002 Company [Last accessed October 27 2014]
2005 Company [Last accessed October 27 2014]

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