Wednesday, August 28, 2019

In praise of Emania & independent publishers

I recently became aware that I had a couple of gaps in my collection of Emania, The Bulletin of the Navan Research Group. I promptly popped along to the website and they were soon in my possession. Today's post is a shameless plug for this great Journal and the hard work that Curach Bhán publications do to bring it together. Go on - have a look at their website, browse their wares, order a couple of volumes! If you want to see independent journals & their publishers* survive you've got to support them.

Emania – Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 22, 2014

Ranke de Vries: The Ulster Cycle in the Netherlands
J.P. Mallory and Gina Baban: Excavations in Haughey’s Fort East
Meriel McClatchie: Food Production in the Bronze Age: Analysis of Plant Macro-remains from Haughey’s Fort, Co. Armagh
Gina Baban: Late Bronze Age Pottery from the Excavations at Haughey’s Fort East
Dirk Brandherm: Late Bronze Age casting debris and other base metal finds from Haughey’s Fort
R.B. Warner: The Gold Fragments from Haughey’s Fort, Co. Armagh: Description and XRF Analysis
Billy Ó Foghlú: Irish Iron Age Horns, and the Conical Spearbutt of Navan: A Mouthpiece Investigation
Chris Lynn: Some Pictish Symbols: Leatherworking Diagrams and Razor Holders?
Grigory Bondarenko: A ‘Kshatriya Revolution’ in the Ulster Cycle?
Paul Gosling: The Route of Táin Bó Cúailnge Revisited

Emania – Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 24, 2018

John Waddell: Equine Cults and Celtic Goddesses
Ronald Hicks: The Rout of Ailill and Medb: Myth on the Landscape
Joe Fenwick: The Late Prehistoric ‘Royal Site’ of Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon: An Enduring Paradigm of Enclosed Sacred Space
Mike McCarthy & Daniel Curley: Exploring the Nature of the Fráoch Saga – An Examination of Associations with the Legendary Warrior on Mag nAí
R.B. Warner: Ptolemy’s River Winderis: A Corrected Identification, a Sea-monster and Roman Material from the Adjacent Sandhills
Cóilín Ó Drisceoil & Aidan Walsh: New Radiocarbon Dates for the Black Pig’s Dyke at Aghareagh West and Aghnaskew, County Monaghan
Dirk Brandherm, Cormac McSparron, Thorsten Kahlert & James Bonsall: Topographical and Geophysical Survey at Knocknashee, Co. Sligo – Results from the 2016 Campaign
Anthony Wilkinson: Knocknashee – Local Perceptions
Patrick McCafferty: The Fear of Fairy Forts: Archaeological Preservation by Plague and Superstition

* Other publishers are available & you should support them too!

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