Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 12

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Hello and welcome back to the 12th installment of my series on what’s interesting and worth a read in (mostly) Irish archaeology. But first, go check out Stuart Rathbone’s new book Archaeological Boundaries. Discussions, Experiments and Unprovoked Attacks. It’s brilliant and I think it’s one of the most important books on Irish archaeology ever published. Go take a look and then come back for a gander at these!

Philip Macdonald The Road From Drumclay

Marion Dowd, Linda Fibiger, & Linda G. Lynch Human Remains from Irish Caves Project

Sophie Bergerbrant, Christina Fredengren, Petra Molnar, & Camilla Löfqvist Violent Death and Wetlands: Sketal Remains from Gotland

Richard O'Brien, Heather Gimson, & James Bonsall Revealing Royal Rathnadrinna: An ancient seat of Irish power

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