Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 05

Fancy a look at some of the freely available archaeology material on Of course you do! Here’s a list of just some of my recent ‘essential picks’. I realise that this selection is a bit biased towards one author, but it’s reflective of what I’ve been reading in the last while. In recent times, Eamonn Kelly has been uploading an awful lot of his ‘back catalogue’ that has frequently been published in regional journals, and relatively difficult to get your hands on. Finding all of this suddenly available on the internet (& for free!) is like discovering a career-length goldmine. I hope that some of the other ‘Elder Statespeople’ of the profession will be similarly invigorated to place more of their work online in the future!




Philip Macdonald, Naomi Carver & Mike Yates Excavations at McIlwhans Hill, Ballyutoag, County Antrim
Eamonn Kelly A Souterrain at Clongill, Co. Meath

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