Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Archaeology in Social Media | Chronicles 04

Ready for another quick sprint through the wild world of freely available PDF papers on Irish archaeology (and related goings on)? Of course you are!

Here are my latest picks:

Grigory Bondarenko: Studies in Irish Mythology

Benjamin W. Roberts & Miljana Radivojević: Invention as a Process: Pyrotechnologies in Early Societies

Damian Shiels: Limerick and the American Civil War (PowerPoint Presentation)

Meriel McClatchie, Nicki Whitehouse, Rick Schulting, Amy Bogaard & Philip Barratt: Cultivating societies: new insights into agriculture in Neolithic Ireland

Bernhard Weninger, Rick Schulting, Marcel Bradtmöller, Lee Clare, Mark Collard, Kevan Edinborough, Johanna Hilpert, Olaf Jöris, Marcel Niekus, Eelco J. Rohling, & Bernd Wagner: Catastrophic final flooding of Doggerland by the Storegga slide tsunami

Catherine Dupont, Anne Tresset, Nathalie Desse-Berset, Yves Gruet, Grégor Marchand, & Rick Schulting: Harvesting the seashores in the Late Mesolithic of north-western Europe. A view from Brittany

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