Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mount Stewart, Co. Down | The Gardens

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While the intention of the main post was to give some glimpses of the restoration and conservation works ongoing at Mount Stewart house, I also wanted to present some images of the fantastic gardens, originally laid out by Lady Edith Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Marchioness of Londonderry. Brief outlines of each of the gardens, their inspirations  and their histories may be found: here.

The Harp topiary in the Shamrock Garden
The garden is in the shape of a shamrock, with elements such as the Irish Harp, and the Red Hand of Ulster, along with references to the mythological race of Fomorians, and the arrival of the Stewart family to Ireland.

View of the north-western façade from the Sunk Garden
Big cat in the Italian Garden
One of Circe's pigs in the Italian Garden
View across the Italian Garden to the house
Orang-utan torso supporting a flower
pot on his head, above a frieze of cloven
hooves, grape bunches, and classical masks
Chapple Minor explores the Italian Garden
Chapples Minor exploring the Spanish Garden
The view from the Spanish Garden back towards the house
and the ominous question 'can we swim in there?'
Architectural details in the Italian Garden
The Italian Garden and the house behind
The Dodo Terrace from the Italian Garden
Another of Circe’s pigs and the house behind, bathed in
bright summer sunshine
Chapples Minor exploring the water
feature at the Dodo Terrace
Architectural detail on the shelter at
the Dodo Terrace
Stately Dodos frame Noah’s Ark
Enjoying the shade on the Dodo Terrace
More peacefully reposing Dodos
(you could get the impression that I really liked them!)
Chapple Minor discovers a dinosaur in the bushes!
The blue & white the Mairi Garden, named for Lady
Edith’s daughter, Lady Mairi Bury
If the weather is nice, do what we did and take a picnic,
 sit in the shade of a tree on the lawn & enjoy this beautiful place!

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