Friday, July 5, 2013

Pay Rates Working Group - Survey by the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland

I have been asked to share and publicise this call by the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland seeking individuals who have worked in archaeology on the island of Ireland in the last 12 months.

This is a very important survey that seeks to quantify the reality of employment in commercial archaeology at the present time. If you fit the criteria, I urge you to take the few moments necessary to complete the survey.

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**Update: Pay Rates Working Group Survey has been extended to include anyone who has worked in Irish archaeology (RoI & NI) in the last three years. Deadline for submission is 31st July 2013**

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The Pay Rates Working Group of the IAI are conducting two separate surveys of archaeologists and specialists who have worked for archaeological consultancies. This committee includes members and non-members of the IAI, archaeologists who work at different levels within the consultancy sector.

This is specifically designed to look at the current levels of pay and conditions of employment. All the information is strictly confidential and will be used to provide proper statistics from the same baseline. It is really important that all relevant members and non-members of IAI complete the survey. The more people the more useful the results will be to the entire archaeological community.

Please feel free to fill in both surveys if both categories apply to you. The survey will be available online until Wednesday 31st July. Please share and spread this message to everyone you know who works or has worked in either capacity.

The surveys are available here:

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